About us

About us


Ecokodu Arendus OÜ

The “Ecokodu Arendus” is a development company, operating in design & implementation of developer projects in Estonia. We carry out projects from elaboration of the best project development strategy to the successful realization of property.

Our team boasts a considerable work experience in the field of real property. We believe that development, as the aspect of the real estate management is a creative process focused on the creation of high-quality real estate and environment, with the aim of developing favourable living and commercial environment in our country. We try to build energy-efficient facilities, suitable and affordable to consumers in Estonia.




Our clients are the people who live or work in the buildings we have built. The people who know and value modern and innovative solutions in the field of construction.



Our mission is to create unique real estate objects and form a high-quality environment for people’s lives – a favorable environment that promotes health, success and prosperity.

We are sure that our work will contribute to the development and formation of the real estate market in our country. Our main positions are professionalism, full and timely fulfilment of obligations, honesty and decency.